The 30-Year Retrospective Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting

2011-11-23 17:32:05


    On the afternoon of 19th November 23, 2011, The 30-Year Retrospective Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting held by Poly Art Museum and Poly International Auction opened in Poly Art Museum. This exhibition will last until 25th November. There are more than 80 paintings which represents the achievement of Chinese ink painting in the fields of portraiture, landscape and bird-and-flower painting in the past 30 years. This retrospective exhibition has also received support from Chinese Artists Association, China National Academy of Painting and Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Meanwhile, Mr. LIU Dawei, chairman of Chinese Artists Association and Mr. YANG Xiaoyang, the President of China National Academy of Painting have both sent their greeting to the exhibition¡¯s opening.

    Since China¡¯s reform and opening-up, Chinese ink painting has also went through three magnificent decades and achieved a blossoming stage today. During the past 30 years, the Chinese artists work on the similarities that link Chinese and the Western painting. They respect the tradition as abandoning the rigid rules and borrow new thoughts as without blindly following the trend. They introduced the technique and colors in the western painting into Chinese painting. Their focus on human nature bears the fruit as innovation of portraiture in Chinese painting. The modern colors that they used and their new comprehension reform the image of historical figures and events. Their understanding of the new age and their presentation of the new society construct the development of Chinese painting

    Aiming at systematically recording the development of the modern and contemporary Chinese ink painting, this 30-Year retrospective exhibition has chosen the paintings of modern elite Chinese painters such as LI Keran, LIN Fengmian, HUANG Zhou and WU Guanzhong; as well as contemporary Chinese painters like LIU Dawei, WANG Mingming, YANG Xiaoyang, and FENG Yuan etc., most of which are provided by the artists themselves. Some of the paintings exhibited will be present in 2011 Poly autumn auction:  the Auction of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting on 3rd December.








Exhibition Period£º19 ¨C 25 November, 2011
Exhibition Site£ºPoly Art Museum, New Poly Plaza
Preview Exhibition of Auction£º1 ¨C 2 December, 2011
Preview Exhibition Site£ºNational Agricultural Exhibition Center
Date of Auction£º22:00, 3 December, 2011
Site of Auction£ºBeijing Asia Hotel