Art Collection Tour in North America, 11th - 27th Feb,2012

2012-01-30 10:48:10

     The 2011 Autumn Sale of Beijing Poly International Auction has successfully ended with a transaction volume of 4.92 billion RMB, which defends Poly¡¯ position as the world champion of the Chinese art auction. Our combined value of art sold in 2011 reaches 12.1 billion RMB and it sets another record for the Chinese auction market. Xu Beihong¡¯s            masterpiece, Cultivation on the Peaceful Land fetched the price of 266.8 million RMB, and that set a world record for the works of the father of modern Chinese painting. Emperor Qianlong¡¯s round imperial seal "Overlord Emperor" reached 161 million RMB, and broke the auction record of imperial jade seal and white jade.

    ¡°The Artworks Returning from Abroad¡± presented by Poly International Auction with the help of the collectors worldwide plays an important role in Poly¡¯s auctions of 2011, and it reaches a new high in terms of both the transaction rate and combined value of art sold. The support from the collectors in North America is especially indispensable to us: 1/4 of the lots sold in 2011 Poly Autumn Auction are from North America and their transaction volume in total is about 2 billion RMB. In our coming New Year Auction which will be held from 7th ¨C 10th January 2012 in Beijing, 1/2 of the lots are from North American Collectors.

    Poly¡¯s 2012 tour of Chinese Art Collection will be in North America during 11th -27th February 2012,visiting the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and Salt Lake. This event will be graced by our experts in the fields of Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Antiques who will share their expertise to promote exquisite Chinese Art Pieces.The detail schedule is as follows:Feb 11-12 Los Angeles,Feb 15 Las Vegas&Salt Lake City,Feb 18-19 San Francisco,Feb 22-23 Vancouver,Feb 26-27 Toronto. 

   With the advent of the Spring Festival, Beijing Poly International Auction would like to take this opportunity to extend our greetings to the art collectors as well as all our friends in North America. Our venture to this region provides an important platform for us to learn from local art collectors and experts. We look forward to your continued support.



 Xu Beihong£¬Cultivation on the Peaceful Land£¬RMB 266.8 million, a new world record for the works of Xu Beihong



 Emperor Qianlong¡¯s round imperial seal "Overlord Emperor" ,RMB 161 million, the new auction record of imperial jade seal and white jade



 2011 Poly Autumn Auction£¬Zhang Daqian, Budhisattva Catches a Creel, RMB 33.925 million, provenance: North America



 2011 Poly Autumn Auction£¬Xu Beihong, Cats and Bamboo, RMB 17.25 million, provenance: North America


 Preview exhibition of 2011 Poly Autumn Auction at China Agriculture Exhibition Center




 Preview exhibition of 2011 Poly Autumn Auction



2011 Poly Autumn Auction




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