Beijing Poly 2017 Autumn Sales Schedule

2017-12-08 13:51:31

Beijing Poly 12TH Anniversary Autumn Sales

Preview: from Dec.14 until 1 day prior to each session

Venue: Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Center

Sales: Dec.16-20

Venue: Beijing Four Seasons Hotel

Stamps and Coins:Dec.22-23

Venue: 10th Floor New Poly Plaza


Sales Schedule



Hall A

 14:00Timeless Treasure¡ªThe British Castle¡¯s Secret Collection of Western Classic Oil Paintings

¡ô Modern and Contemporary Arts

19:00 Modern and Contemporary Arts Evening Sale 

Hall A

14:00 Antiquities The Intellectual Life of Literati III



Hall A

10:00  Review the Past --Modern Chinese Painting

13:30 Modern Chinese Painting

19:00  More Sublime When Looking Up Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy Evening Sale

¡ô  Surpassing the Ancient and Amazing the Contemporaries¡ªImportant and Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies

¡ô  Modern Chinese Painting Evening Sales


Hall B

10:00 Coins and Banknotes

16:30 Autograph of World Famous People

Hall C

14:00 Gem and Mineral

¡ô  Important Timepieces & European Decorative Arts


Hall A

10:00  Tranquil Landscape¡ªSpecial Collection of Liu Guanghe

¡ô Masterpieces of Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings

¡ô Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings

¡ô Collection of Chinese Purpleclay Teapot

13:30 Connoisseurship in Ancient Arts:Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy Day Sale

19:00A Romance Among Blooming Roses II¡ª¡ªThe Meiyintang and Western Collection of Five Dynasties Imperial Ceramics

¡ô Important Private Collection of Jade Objects


¡ô Song Enthusiasm-When Song and Yuan¡¯s ¡®Hering, smelling,Fele and Cheuing¡¯

¡ô An Exceptionally Pare Kangxi Imperial Falangcai Peony Bowl


   The Grand Panorama-the Evening Sale of Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

Hall B

10:00 Rare Books And Manuscripts

13:00 Rare Books And Manuscripts


Hall C

14:00 Important Jewels and Jades


Hall A

09:30  Delights from connoisseurship- Fine Teawears and Antiquities and Chinese Scholar 's objects

14:00  Important  Seals  Collection  from  Yourongtang  and  Famous  Seal  Cuttings  Art

15:00 Autumn Outshines¡ªThe Harrow Hill House Collection of Scholar¡¯s Objects and Works of Art

16:30  Important Private Collection of Ming and Qing works of art


¡ô The Art of the Great Ming

¡ô The Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art

Hall B

13:30  Poly Moutai Club Kwei Chow Moutai

15:00  Avenve Tiancheng Rave Health tea Products

Hall C

13:30  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ceramics

14:00 Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art


Hall A

09:30  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art I

13:30  Chinese Embroidered Articles-- Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art II

¡ô Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art II


Hall C

10:00  Youyi




10th Floor New Poly Plaza

09:30  Stamps & Postal History

13:30  Stamps & Postal History