Beijing Poly 2018 Spring Auction Schedule

2018-06-10 15:30:23

Beijing Poly 2018 Spring Sales

Preview: from June.14 until 1 day prior to each session

Venue: Beijing Four Seasons Hotel, Beijing Kempinski Hotel

Sales: June 17 -21

Venue: Beijing Four Seasons Hotel

Stamps and Coins

Preview: June 19-21

Sales: June 22-24

Venue: 10th Floor New Poly Plaza

Sales Schedule

June 17 (Sunday)


10:00            Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy £¨I£©

13:30            Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy (II)

18:00          More sublime when looking up chinese classical paintings and calligraphy evening sale


      Benchmark Masterpieces --Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphies


              Surpassing the ancients and amazing the contemporaries

              Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy night sale 

June 18 (Monday)


 10:00          Tranquil landscape special collection of liuguang

                Purify the soul¡ªyoqingtang¡¯s collection of literati¡¯s rock and plaque


                Contemporary chinese ink paintings

13:30            Connoisseurship in ancient arts chinese classical paintings and calligraphy day sale


10:00            Autograph and envelope letters of modern chinese writers

14:00            Important timepieces and mineral


10:30            Rare  books and manuscripts

13:00            Rare  books and manuscripts

June 19 (Tuesday)


18:30            A soft breeze in a mindscape engr aven art objects in the chinese scholar¡¯s studio


              Greatness in miniature---exquisite selection of playthings


              The great yuan¡¯s grandeur(I)---the alexander vase collection of yuan arts


              The great yuan¡¯s grandeur(II)---three Buddhist masterpieces from speelman collection and important private collection


              Three chenghua blue and white treasures


              Pipe in three thousand years pair of magnificent famille-rose ¡®peach and bat¡¯plates


              An exceptionally important Qianlong imperial bronze with gold-splashed seal


              An exceptionally Qianlong soapstone seal and imperial works of art


14:00            Important jewels


14:00            Autograph of world famous people  

June 20 (Wednesday)


15:00            Modern and contemporary arts

19:30            Modern and contemporary arts evening sale


10:00            Delights from connoisseurship-art of chinese scholar¡¯s objects and tea


13:30            Important gilt-bronze Buddhist statue and thangka


15:30           The ji qing tang collection of handcrafted furniture and chinese traditional scholar¡¯s objacts


17:00            The art of the great ming


18:00            Purrlecleclay teapot of gongxinzhao¡¯s collection and Gu jingzhou


              THE david huang&son important imperial cloisonn¨¦ enamels


              Selection of imperial porcelain over 93 years in three collections


              The imperial ceramics and works of art


Presidential Suite

17:00         Important wine night sale


June 21 (Thursday)


09:30       Chinese ceramics and works of art (I)

13:30            Chinese ceramics and works of art (II)


14:00           Chinese ceramics and works of art


13:30            FINE WINES OF the world day sale

15:00            Poly moutai club kwei chow MOUTAI

16:00         Avenve tiancheng rave health tea products

June 22-24

New Poly Plaza 10 th Floor

June 22

13:30​            Coins & Banknotes

June 23-24  

09:30​     Stamps & Postal history

13:30​     Stamps & Postal history