Beijing Poly 2019 Spring Auction Schedule

2019-05-31 15:17:47

        Beijing Four Seasons Hotel

        June 3rd (Monday)

        10:00   Coins & Banknotes(C)

        13:30   Tranquil Landscape——Special Collection of Liu Guang(A)

        Collection of Chinese Purpleclay Teapot(A)

        Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings(A)

        19:00   More Sublime When Looking Up:Chinese Classical Paintings And Calligraphy Evening Sale(A)

        Everlasting Benchmark——from Song to Jinnong(A)

        Connoisseurship In Ancient Arts:Chinese Classical Paintings And Calligraphy(A)

        June 4th(Tuesday)

        10:00   Important Modern Chinese Painting And Calligraphy I(A)

        10:00   Rare books and manuscripts(D)

        13:00   Rare books and manuscripts(D)

        13:30   Important Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy II(A)

        18:30   The Vast World Modern Chinese Calligraphy(B)

        Important Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Night Sale(B)

        19:30   Modern And Contemporary Arts Evening Sale(A)

        June 5th (Wednesday)

        10:00   Important Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy III(A)

        10:00   Autograph of World Famous People(D)

        13:30   Delights from Connoisseurship——Private Collection of Scholar's and Tea Objects(C)

        14:30   Chinese Ancient Bronze Mirrors(C)

        Explore The Ling Ering Charm by Scent-bonded "puer-tea" Sess Ion(C)

        13:30   Poly Moutai Club Kwei Chow Moutai(D)

        Magnificent Jewels(D)

        Important Watches & Antique Timepiece Art(D)

        Important Wine & Whisky(D)

        18:00   Refined Splendour——The Si Yue Tang Collection of Yuan, Ming and Qing Porcelains(A)

        Immaculately Exquisite——The Ten-Views of Lingbi Rock Retreat and Western Collection of Qing Porcelain(A)

        The Throne of Absolute Freedom Important Chinese Classical Furnitures from the Ten Views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection(A)

        Song Enthusiasm(A)

        The Grand Panorama——The Art of The Great Ming(A)

        The Grand Panorama——Three Rarities of the Yongzheng Imperial Workshop(A)

        The Grand Panorama——The Evening Sale of Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art(A)

        June 6th(Thursday)

        10:30   Chinese Traditional Scholar's Objects(C)

        10:00   Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Ⅰ(A)

        11:30   Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Ⅱ(A)

        16:00   Seamless-a Private Collection of Important Buddhist Sculptures(A)

        19:00   The Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art(A)