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Beijing Four Seasons Hotel

December 1st(Sunday)

19:30  Magnificent Calligraphy Styles Literati's Calligraphy (evening Sale)(A)

A Wipe Range of Collections(A)

December 2ndMonday)
10:00  Important Modern Chinese Painting And Calligraphy I(A)
13:30  Calligraphy Performance By YU-YOUREN (A)
Important Modern Chinese Painting And Calligraphy II(A)
13:30  Tranquil Landscape—Special Collection Of Liu Guang(C)
Aloeswood Collection of The "Royal Pavilion"(C)
Collection of Chinese Purpleclay Teapot(C)

Glossiness of Uncarved Jade—Works of Cui RuzhuoC)
Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings(C)
13:30  Poly Moutai Club Kwei Chow Moutai(D)
15:00  Explore The Ling Ering Charm by Scent-bonded "Puer-Tea" Sess Ion(D)
16:30  Amber Rosy Clouds Treasures Whisky Alcahol Brewing(D)
19:30  The Collection of Wen Miao Xiangzhai(A)
Important Private Collection of Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in South East Asia(A)
Important Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Night Sale(A)

December 3rd (Tuesday) 
10:00  Rare Books and Manuscripts(D)
13:00  Rare Books and Manuscripts(D)
13:00  Connoisseurship in Ancient Arts:chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy(C)
15:00  Modern and Contemporary Art(A)
19:00  Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Sale(A)
20:00  More Sublime When Looking Up:chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy Evening Sale(A)

December 4th(Wednesday)
13:00  Delights from Connoisseurship - Private Collection Of Scholar's and Tea Objects(C)
14:30  Chinese Ancient Bronze Mirrors(C)
13:30  Important Timepieces & European Decorative Arts(D)
16:00  Autograph of World Famous People(D)
18:00  Pleasures at Leisure Engraved Art Objects in The Chinese Scholar's Studio(A)

The Throne of Absolute Freedom(A)
The Grand Panorama —— The Art of The Great Ming(A)
The Grand Panorama —— The Evening Sale of Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art(A)
Immaculately Exquisite —— The Meiyintang, Ten-Views of Lingbi Rock Retreat and Other Collection of Chinese Ceramics(A)
December 5th(Thursday)
10:00  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Ⅰ(A)
13:00  Centuries of Porcelain Art——The Literati Painting on Modern Porcelain(A)
13:30  Hype Collectibles & Noble Handbags(C)
Magnificent Jewels(C)
13:30  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Ⅱ(A)
17:00  The Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art(A)
19:00  Chinese Traditional Scholar's Objects(A)
Indestructible Wakefulness Important Buddhist Arts(A)
Greatness in Miniature——Exquisite Selection of Playthings(A)