Beijing Poly Autumn Oil Painting Auctions bringing in 188 millions RMB, making the highest record in

2006-11-28 13:25:50

On November 22nd, the Beijing Poly 2006 Autumn Auction has come to an end. After around six months of anticipation and hard work, seven thematically different auctions each generated fantastic results. The three prominent oil painting auctions, ¡°Chinese Contemporary Art¡±, ¡°Modern Chinese Art¡± and ¡°Historical Transition ¨C Chinese Oil Paintings from Japan¡± all reached exceptional accomplishments. These three heavyweight auctions brining in a total of 188 millions RMB, creating a new high for oil painting auction in China. One of the most remarkable pieces is Liu Xiaodong¡¯s gigantic masterpiece ¡°Three Gorges: Newly Displaced Population¡±. It was hammered at a whopping 22 millions RMB, giving worldwide Chinese contemporary oil painting auction record a new benchmark. In addition, Leng Jun¡¯s ¡°Century View No. 3¡± was auctioned at an admirable 5.72 millions RMB. Another noteworthy mention is Jin Shangyi¡¯s ¡°Turkistan Girls¡±, which is also one of the proud covers of our catalogs. It was sold at 5.06 millions RMB. From our overall auction results, one will noticed buyers are loyal to some contemporary artists such as Yue Minjun. His ¡°Big Chimney¡± was hammered at 4.4 millions RMB, making it the fourth highest auctioned oil painting in our event. Moreover, the outstanding results from our realist artists indicated buyers¡¯ confidence in the oil painting market. Artist Wang Yidong¡¯s ¡°By the Yi River¡± sold at 3.3 millions RMB demonstrated such phenomenon.