Request on Xu Beihong¡¯s Works for Xu Beihong Catalog Serise I

2006-12-18 13:54:11

There were around 50 works of art by Xu Beihong altogether in both Beijing Poly 2006 Spring and Autumn auctions, and over 90% of these art works were successfully sold. Collectors responded positively to his works and such thematic auctions. Since Chinese Modern ink paintings are still remained a strong force in the art market, works of art by many well known artists has great market potentials. Beijing Poly Auction is collaborating with Xu Beihong Memorial Museum to publish a series of catalogs discussing his life¡¯s works in depth. These catalogs will focus on the auction history as well as market potentials for his art works. It will allow collectors to know more about Xu Beihong¡¯s works from many and different perspectives. We are currently in the process of documenting Xu Beihong¡¯s works, and we are in great need of help and support from our overseas collectors and art organizations. Thank you. Person to Contact: Li Simo Telephone: (86) 010-65011895-801 E-mail :